Our Services

Bumper Repairs
Dented your bumper? We can fix it. Whether you have a scratch, scrape, dent or hole in your bumper, we can fix it. At Perth Bumper and Buff we specialise in bumper repairs and our fully mobile service will come to you! Learn More
Car Detailing
Prepare your car for sale. Spend a little, make a whole lot more with Perth Bumper and Buff’s Car Detailing Service. We will bring back the shine! Learn More
Buff & Polish
Paint looking a bit dull or faded, or has scratches or swirl marks? Are you selling your car and would like to make it more presentable for sale? At Perth Bumper and Buff we can restore the shine. Learn More
Paint Protection
Want to protect your car’s paint from the sun’s UV rays, bird droppings, road grime and more? Our paint protection system will protect your paint from the elements and keep the new car shine longer. Learn More
Stone Chips & Scratches
Stone chips and Scratches, you know they are there and they are annoying. At Perth Bumper and Buff we can match your vehicle’s colour and touchup any stone chips and scratches making them less noticeable whilst protecting them from the elements. Learn More